Sell eBooks with WooCommerce and PayPal

Sell eBooks with PayPal

These days people are becoming more and more open to the idea of making all their purchases on the internet. E-commerce is a growing trend which will possibly only get bigger from here on out. No matter what people want to purchase, whether it is groceries or furniture or even property! You can purchase almost anything online and by that logic you can also obviously sell anything over the internet.

So if you are considering setting up an online business to sell eBooks or paperbacks or hardcovers then it is possibly the best time to start doing so. This is because people are these days either buying eBooks or just making their reading material purchases online. With books there is no risk of getting an item which does not meet the size expectations of people and hence there are no chances of having to return it unless they receive the wrong copy.

Thus to sell eBooks online is a particularly easier thing to sell. Particularly when you sell eBooks online, the customer gets the purchase immediately hence the transaction is quick and easy; all parties are happy. As soon as the company gets the money, the customer gets their eBook and everyone is happy! There are no risks involved for both parties since their end of the bargain is held immediately.

These days there are tons of online eBooks business opportunities so if you are considering setting up your own websites to sell eBooks online here are a few platforms you could use to set up your online store:

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is basically a great plug-in for WordPress where you can set up your own easy to use e-commerce website through WordPress. This plug in is not only easy to use but has a lot of helpful features which are both great for you and the visitors on your website. The website is easy use from the backend as well and just as easy to use for visitors since the user interface is very user friendly. Other than that the eBooks websites templates you can find here are plentiful. You can choose what template suits your vision for your website the best. There are several free templates as well if you find any of them appropriate for the kind of website you want to set up then you can go ahead and use it. The tricky part to be able to sell eBooks online is the immediate transaction and delivery of the product. WooCommerce has some great eBooks website templates which are specifically for websites which sell eBooks online.

  1. PayPal

If you are going to sell anything online you need to have a payment partner. PayPal is a great option for you to link to your website so that your customers can make payments for their purchase through PayPal and then they can get access to the eBook. The benefit for using PayPal is that the transaction gets verified instantly thus you can give the customer access to the eBook immediately as well! PayPal is a very straightforward way to make payments and you can have the money in your account straight away as well. Most people these days use PayPal due to the ease this payment solution and prefer websites which offer the option to make payments with PayPal. This is because paying with PayPal is much easier than paying with a debit or credit card. You only need an email address to control your PayPal account.

These two platforms will help you be a successful eBook retailer online!