The world of internet has presented all of us with numerous opportunities and amazing platforms through which we can sell things to earn money. To sell eBooks online is one of them. All you have to do is make sure that you know how to successfully achieve your dream of making money through an online platform. To sell eBooks online might seem like an easy or not a painstaking task, but not being able to successfully sell a book can be an omen to an unsuccessful business.  With everything being linked with the internet and the online world selling your book or writing one has become a comparatively easy task. There are many EBooks websites templates that you can follow to publish your eBook successfully.  The online eBooks business opportunities help the writers find and carve out a niche for themselves and run a successful business for their self.

When you are looking to promote and sell your eBook through online channels, you need to have established links with bloggers. These bloggers can play an important role in promoting your book. All you have to do is start writing guest posts for these bloggers. It is not necessary that you should be specifically writing about your book. The guest post can revolve around a character of your book or the places that you have showcased in your book and then mention about your book, encouraging the readers to read your book and learn more about what your book is about. This is known as a traditional book tour. There is another possibility of an online book tour, and that is the blastoff book tour. In this kind of book tour, an author starts making blog posts about his books around a week before the actual book launch. This trick can help you land on the bestseller list. There are a few things you should consider when you are selecting the blogs for the publicity of your eBook.


  • The blogs that you visit for your guest blog post should be the ones that your target readers would visit. This helps in driving the traffic towards your eBook and also making it an attractive option to buy. Before you actually publish your book, you should spend some time in identifying the blogs that you should be writing blog posts for. This will ensure that you are reaching out the right audience.
  • The guest blog post that you are going to write focused around your book should be a unique one. Not all the posts should be same, this will help you target your viewers effectively. Writing the same blog posts for all the bloggers will make you sound a bit cliché and you will not be able to attract consumers towards your eBook. You should also identify the day you would be publishing your guest post so that there are no overlapping posts and your post gets the full due attention. The posts that you publish should be repeatedly done for a few days so that you can make the desired impact.
  • People commenting on your guest post are looking to real responses, responses that are coming from you. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep up with the blogs you have posted on and are up to date about the people’s opinion.
  • When you are done guest posting on a certain blog, you do not leave the promotion at it only. You start promoting your guest blog post on various forums like the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Selling an eBook is a bit tricky as it requires skills combined with smart planning and strategizing of the marketing skills