Sell Books on Amazon

Sell Books on Amazon

Amazon started out as mainly a bookstore but has now evolved into a store that sells anything and everything. But their identity as a book retailer has more or less persisted and if people want to purchase books they always turn to Amazon. This is also because Amazon released a tablet called the Kindle which was specifically for book reading.

So if you are considering the step of selling books online, no matter what those books are; eBooks or paper and hardbacks then Amazon is the perfect place for this. Since Amazon is known widely for their book selling, most people who want to purchase a certain title visit Amazon for all their book needs.

So how can you sell your books on Amazon? It is fairly easy. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when setting up your Amazon account:

  1. Account

If you already have an Amazon account even if it was just for purchasing items and not to sell eBooks, it will be fine. You can go to the settings and set up a sellers account in a few short steps. It will not take long at all and your life will be easier since your buyer and seller accounts will both be linked with one another. You will need to provide the website with your billing information and this can take up to a few days to confirm since the website will need to confirm with your bank account if the account mentioned in their forms is indeed yours.

  1. Account Type

The next thing you need to do is select your account type. You can either get a professional account or an individual account. While both these accounts will let you sell items on Amazon, one of them will be a professional account with more options and perks while the other one will be as an individual private seller. Getting a professional account might be a good idea if you plan to sell eBooks online full time and want to make this into a proper profession. But if this is not the case and you want to test the waters before you make selling books online into your fulltime career then you should start off with an individual account. You need to bear in mind while a professional account may cost up to $39.99 an individual account has no special charges but only charges $0.99 per sale.

  1. Delivery Options

You need to decide what delivery options you want to choose. You could either choose to mail items yourself or you can sign up with Amazon’s fulfillment program so that Amazon can ship your books for you to your customers. The option you choose should be cost efficient for you and easier to execute so think about the entire thing well.

  1. eBooks

Amazon is the biggest retailer of eBooks and thus there are a lot of online eBooks business opportunities on the website. If you are looking to sell eBooks online then Amazon is the place for you since they have a website equipped with the features to do so. Not every website gives you the option of being able to sell eBooks online but with Amazon this is an option since they do most of their business by selling eBooks.

These days it is very easy to sell eBooks online. A few years ago it was incredibly hard to do so but as time has passed it has become much easier.